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Bread is the oldest food in every country. Go back to the old bread. Beesham Soogrim
(foto's Theo Jennissen)


In het Engels

Beesham bakt een Zweeds roggebrood voor ons boek Oude granen, nieuw brood. Het boek is nu onderweg naar Zweden. Toen hij in de zomer 2019 bij de Dutch Organic Baking School les gaf, konden we hem zaterdagsavonds ontmoeten. Theo maakte de foto's. Het brood zelf was nog niet klaar, dat  heeft Natalia Sitcai de volgende dag voor ons gefotografeerd. Zij was deelnemer aan de cursus, is zelf ook fotograaf en gaat binnenkort een bakkerij in Roemenië beginnen. Terug naar Beesham. Als we alles in het boek hadden geplaatst, wat we aan materiaal hadden, dan had het drie keer zo dik moeten worden. Het materiaal van Beesham wil ik toch graag hier vermelden, en wel in het Engels.  


Good bread is made of slow fermented dough, which makes the bread easy to digest.


Good bread has flavor, is good digestible and is good for the environment.zo hoog


Good bread is made of organic grains and – hopefully more and more – of heritage grains. These old grains are more balanced; not just bred for quantity and bread quality.


Ancient grains are huge plants and have huge root systems, deep going and finely branched. They take the minerals from deep in the soil. The stem transports them to the grains.


Bread is the oldest food in every country. Go back to the old bread.


Ever since I like the dark rye bread, I am a real inhabitant of Sweden.


I would like more people to eat breads of whole grains.


For the children in the Waldorf school at HÖÖR, I make the breads more mild. I take the 70-80% flour and I make it as less sour as possible. When they come back to HÖÖR after summerholiday, they are glad. They missed my bread.


It’s a long way to educate people. Introduce yourself, you, the baker of breads. Explain your customers what you do.


Eating good bread is a matter of education. Everyone can learn how to bake their own good and healthy bread. Than you know what they have in it.


How to bake with heritage grains? You learn by mistake. Each time you learn about how much water it can have, how long it ferments, at what temperature, how long you bake it a.s.o.


Compact bread of heritage grains? See through it. The taste. The flavor.


Manfred Enoksson inspired me a lot. Over the years I have developed my own methods and ways of baking sourdough. Today I travel the whole world to teach people about sourdough baking.


For the whole flour breads I use a starter of that whole flour; wheat starter for wheatbread, rye starter for ryebread, speltstarter for speltbread.


For good, enriched sweet breads you can use both sourdough starter, or wild yeast water.

For wild yeast water I put fruits in water, let it rest, shake it every day. This water together with flour becomes my natural, home-made yeast.


I like the ‘stage-feeding’, refreshing the sourdough in more small steps every two or three hours instead of in one step that takes eight hours. You get a milder sour bread by ‘stage-feeding’.


Whole grains bread should be eaten in thin slices. One should make a difference between light white soft breads and breads of whole grains.


There’s no right and there’s no wrong. We all want the same end result.


Today we get a lot of inspiration from many people through social media. There are many great people out there.

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